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2014 Ford Atlas Price and Spesification
Upon the presentation, 2014 Ford Atlas is already being called the future pick up. As the record holder of bestselling pick up in US for more than 36 years, Ford has made some improvement into 2014 Ford Atlas which are focused on fuel efficiency, technology, and without doubt its capacity.
2014 BMW M3 Release Date and Specs
The best-selling M line-up car of 2014 BMW M3 is on its way to make a debut at any moment. This favorite car comes with lightweight and powerful issue to the market.
2014 Mercedes Benz S Class Price and Test Drive
Another futuristic car from Mercedes Benz is out, 2014 Mercedes Benz S Class presents its self as the best choice for you, who is passionately searching for perfection,style, efficiency and safety.
2014 Kia Sedona Minivan Price and Specs
2014 Kia Sedona Minivan – Since the crisis, economy in US is not doing very well. While people tend to need more and more, the price is also increasing as well.
2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid Looks Stunning and Price
This four-passenger 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid car is much praised for its sleek and modern designs. But maybe you want to consider buying or not buying this car for other things.
The Toyota Auris HSD XR – A Miserly Proposition (Part 2)
Weeks of toing-and-froing later, the HSD was still sickly. The vehicle was taken to a local technical centre and a few more specialists were called in. By a process of elimination, the plug leads, ECU and CVT were all ruled out.
The Toyota Etios Cross 1.5 Xs – Crossing The Divide
The trend of taking an entry-level hatchback, beefing up the looks and creating a mini-crossover hasn't escaped that most conservative of manufacturers, Toyota.
The Volkswagen GTI – Comfortable And Competent
Park that cute little Fiesta ST in your driveway, and the neighbours will think your kid is home from college. Do the same with a Mazdaspeed 3, it'll look like the gardener stopped by to pick up his check. Face it: The Volkswagen GTI has always been the only tarted-up compact car an adult enthusiast can have in the driveway without implying financial difficulties or a midlife crisis.
2015 Lincoln MKC - Newcomer
Lincoln has a lot riding on its newest family member, the 2015 Lincoln MKC. Built on the Ford Escape plat-form, the MKC pleasantly avoids any re-badge comparisons by sporting a profoundly different interior and exterior, with optional class-above performance.
2014 Infiniti QX70 Price and Design
Instead boasting the rugged side, 2014 Infiniti QX70 will spoil you with its own way, providing a combination of a sleek shape and tall-wagon body which somehow give it uniquely good look, while even the BMW X6 could not afford it, matched with dynamic ability of a sport sedan, and of course premium class interior that really depicts a luxury car.
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