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HYUNDAI GRAND GENESIS : Genesis gets a luxe reboot
Get over it. Hyundai has left its nasty low-cost past far behind it. It has risen to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the Japanese and Germans in the mass market segment, with creditable models such as the Elantra, Tucson and i40.
PORSCHE 911 TARGA 4 : Targa right on target
Porsche must have felt its awkward positioning, and replaced the Targa's unique (and manually removable) roof with a panoramic sunroof in 1996.
NISSAN SYLPHY SSS : Sizzling under the bonnet
Nissan's SSS initials go all the way back to the 1960s, when the Datsun 1600 SSS set itself apart from run-of-the-mill Datsuns with twin carburettors, independent suspension and a throaty exhaust.
BMW X6 XDRIVE50I : An X6 in excess
The new X6 is not too different from the original, but is far from being a mere facelift. Every body part has been changed, just like in the new X5.
The Cayenne S E-Hybrid : Red hot chilli pepper goes green
Porsche, however, must love challenges, because that is exactly what it has built. The Cayenne S E-Hybrid weighs 2,350kg (265kg more than the regular Cayenne S), but it has a claimed fuel economy of just 3.4 litres for every 100km.
Slim Jules’ Golf Gti Of Car.
After speaking to the guys at EBC and discussing my needs they recommended their USR discs combined with their Greenstuff pads. The pads are designed for ‘spirited street driving and performance on cars under 200bhp’ and that pretty much sums up my Golf and needs.
Static Suspension Strongs Of Center (Part 4)
This is the most modern and complex suspension design. In theory, this makes it the best, but the complexity means it needs sophisticated 3D computer simulations to accurately design, so it’s not as common on specially made race cars as you might imagine.
Static Suspension Strongs Of Center (Part 3)
These are the items that locate the top of the suspension strut in the correct position on the car’s chassis. From the factory they tend to basically be a large rubber bush that absorbs the stress and vibration that would otherwise be transmitted to the chassis from the suspension.
Static Suspension Strongs Of Center (Part 2)
These tend to be found on the back of French hatchbacks, though they’re fitted to other cars too. Torsion ‘springs’ would actually be a better description of what they do, which is effectively replace the job of coil springs.
Static Suspension Strongs Of Center (Part 1)
Your suspension makes up a huge amount of the parts underneath the body, in fact, every single part that somehow connects your wheels to your car counts as suspension; and that’s a hell of a lot of parts.
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