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FIFA/Coca-Cola Women's UEFA Ranking
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RankingZonal RankingTeamPts
Nov 10
+/- Ranking
Aug 10
+/- Pts
Aug 10
21Germany Germany21530Equal2
42Sweden Sweden20630Equal11
73Norway Norway20020Equal12
84France France19980Equal24
105England England1973-1Down6
116Italy Italy19520Equal3
147Denmark Denmark1895-4Down-58
158Netherlands Netherlands18710Equal11
169Finland Finland18281Up0
1710Iceland Iceland1824-1Down-10
1911Spain Spain18160Equal0
2012Russia Russia1815-2Down-4
2113Ukraine Ukraine1801-1Down-14
2414Scotland Scotland17531Up17
2515Czech Republic Czech Republic1751-2Down-2
2616Switzerland Switzerland17360Equal20
2917Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland16421Up9
3018Poland Poland1635-1Down-4
3119Hungary Hungary16252Up20
3520Belgium Belgium1597-1Down0
3721Romania Romania1577-2Down-15
3822Belarus Belarus15741Up2
3923Portugal Portugal15641Up3
3924Austria Austria1564-1Down-11
4225Slovakia Slovakia1533-1Down-16
4526Serbia Serbia1521-3Down-25
4727Wales Wales15092Up9
4928Bulgaria Bulgaria15001Up2
5729Greece Greece1432-3Down-22
6030Slovenia Slovenia1401-1Down0
6131Israel Israel1398-3Down-4
6432Northern Ireland Northern Ireland13890Equal27
6533Croatia Croatia1386-5Down-12
6634Turkey Turkey1383-4Down6
6935Faroe Islands Faroe Islands1351-2Down0
7436Azerbaijan Azerbaijan1341-7Down-10
7837Kazakhstan Kazakhstan1326-4Down-3
7938Estonia Estonia1324-5Down-5
8039Lithuania Lithuania1320-3Down0
9440Latvia Latvia1234-5Down0
9541Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina1233-5Down0
9742Luxembourg Luxembourg1214-6Down0
11143Malta Malta1114-9Down0
11344Armenia Armenia1086-9Down-3
11745Georgia Georgia1053-8Down18
11946FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia1009-9Down0
47Moldova Moldova**1177 0
48Cyprus Cyprus**1023 0
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